Full-length show, Lowlands, took the audience into the tomb of the ancient civilization of bitchfaggots and back in time to witness the pact made between Empress Çicada L’Amour and the deity Admiral Benwa Breedwinner.   Taking the audience on a tour of various debaucheries including conversion therapy, cannibalism, force-feeding, torture, ecstasy, and human sacrifice, the show explored themes of empire on the body, exoticism, orientalism, queer displacement, and borders in individual bodies and between bodies.

Lowlands was performed on April 3, 2018 at Wheaton College in Norton, MA.

Dispatch from O-Face 9

As the dangerous Admiral Benwa Breedwinner conquers planet Earth, a group of bitchfaggonauts, with their captain Pouchet Pouchet and prophetess Cicada L’Amour, flee to the distant planet: O-Face 9. Worried that starting a colony on O-Face 9 will simply perpetuate the patriarchal, imperial and colonialist project of those who conquered earth, the bitchfaggonauts decide on a new, drastic change of course.



In De(i)filed, priestess Çicada L’Amour invited the audience to partake in a witch’s mass.  Together, audience and drag queen summoned the evil god Benwa Breedwinner in order to consummate a holy union.  Of course, much to L’Amour’s disappointment Breedwinner is not a divine Prince Charming, but after the encounter and violation, L’Amour does gain insight into the human condition.

De(i)filed was performed on September 8-9 at Open Eye Figure Theatre in Minneapolis, MN as part of Patrick’s Cabaret’s show Taboo Tongues.


A Debunking of Louis Pasteur’s Slanderous and Erroneous Attacks on Spontaneous Generation
(Minnesota Fringe Festival 2017)

For this act, Dr. Pouchet denounces Louis Pasteur‘s debunking of spontaneous generation.  Pouchet sets up an experiment similar to that of Francesco Redi, wherein a maggot spontaneously erupts from a piece of meat.  The maggot grows into the beautiful flywoman Çicada L’Amour.  But Pouchet soon learns that spontaneity ––pure generative energy–– is not all fun and games, and a thing that is spontaneous cannot be controlled.

A Debunking… was performed on August 11, 2017 at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis, MN through Patrick’s Cabaret and the Minnesota Fringe Festival.  


Slut Shaman

In Slut Shaman, Çicada L’Amour and Enfanga Sphynx explored what it means to hold transhistorical trauma in our bodies.  What are the queer ghosts that haunt us, the monstrous archetypes that we are descended from, the divinities we have forgotten, the histories of colonization, genocide, and exile in our cells?  Through ritual and dance, lip-synching and ecstasy, we opened our bodies to the Bitchfaggot spirits. This show included five House of Larva acts, and three guest acts (a drag king singing death ballads, a witchy dancer, and the shamanic retelling of the Very Hungry Caterpiller that involved eating the sun).  (Do to a tech issue, the harddrive with the photos from Slut Shaman were lost before we could back them up).

Slut Shaman ran on May 7, 2016 in Beloit, WI and was funded by the Beloit Independent Theatre Experience.


L’Amour de Toilettes: a Period Piece

L’Amour de Toilettes focused on the relationship between queer awakening and the domestic sphere.  What memories do we associate with certain chores and rooms and tools and foods around the house?  We also explored how the global oppressions of heteropatriarchy and the violences within queer history manifest through interpersonal, familial relationships.  The show included eight acts from House of Larva, an interactive intermission involving windex, and a guest performance by the amazing Michael Thomforde.  Shout out to one of our favorite singers to lipsync to, Jayne County, for her song Toilet Love, which inspired the show!

L’Amour de Toilettes ran on March 18, 2016 in Beloit, WI and was funded by the Beloit Independent Theatre Experience.


Strawberries & Créme

Çicada L’Amour and Enfanga Sphynx return to the Bunge to emcee Lepers in Paradise: A Genderbent Revue, a queer and feminist cabaret in response to Genesis 1-4.  Strawberries & Créme as the opening act, begins with Çicada’s memory of learning the Adam and Eve story in Sunday School and conflating it with the sensuous eating of strawberries and créme that followed each Sunday afternoon.  The confusion around the forbidden fruit, sexuality and strawberries and créme leads into the holy right of crémunion, in which L’Amour anoints Sphynx in whipped cream and the audience eats whipped cream from L’Amour’s hands.  Listen to the Audio from Strawberries and Créme.  

Strawberries & Créme was the opening act for Lepers in Paradise: A Genderbent Revue which ran December 3, 4, and 5, 2015 in Beloit, WI.  Lepers in Paradise was produced by Beloit Independent Theatre Experience and the Beloit Spiritual Life Program, and was a queer cabaret created in response to Genesis 1-4 and emceed by House of Larva.  Strawberries & Créme was revived in 2018 and performed at United Days: ReImagining Embodiment at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities.  

Carnal Instinct: Dinner for One

Carnal Instinct

Billed as a ‘Cannibal Extravaganze,” Carnal Instinct: Dinner for One tells of the forbidden love between the evil queen CIcada L’Amour and the parasitic deviant she was meant to sacrifice, Enfanga Sphynx.  What happens when love tries to intervene in the carnal instinct that sets hunter against prey?  Three drag acts and a bunch of spooky guest artists!   Listen to the introduction from Carnal Instinct | Dinner for One: 

Carnal Instinct: DInner for One was funded by the Beloit Independent Theatre Experience in Beloit, WI on October 9, 2015.  Guest stars included drag king Dana Schiewe, performance artist and actress Alice Gehrke, and the amazing Michael Thomforde as Admiral Benwa Breedwinner